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debt crisis, a new plan is taken to the house floor, but
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are there enough votes to get it passed? i'm jessica kartalija. this afternoon the house is set to vote on a gop plan to raise the debt ceiling. it's uncertain if republicans have the votes to get it passed. >> reporter: after a hurried rewrite, house speaker john boehner brings his revamped debt land to the house floor today, facing opposition in his own party he urged members to support the bill and get the job done. >> a number of people who have been undecided or no are now declaring themselves for the bill. >> some conservative republicans say the measure's $917 billion in spending cuts are not enough and they cannot vote for it. >> right now i can't, but we just got the moms last night. >> from the other side of capitol hill, some republicans are telling house colleagues they're being unreasonable about their demands. >> that is not fair to the
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american people to hold out and say, we won't agree to raising the debt limit until we pass a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. it's unfair, it's bizarre owe. >> even if house speaker john boehner's bill clears the house, senate democrats say they won't spore a plan that raises the debt ceiling for just six months. every senate democrat and two independences signed a letter to boehner promising to oppose his bill. >> republicans cannot get the short term band-aid they will vote on in the house today. >> most lawmakers insist they're trying to get the job done by next between's deadline. if the debt ceiling is not raised by august 2, government will not have the money to pay all of its bills. back to you. the key difference between democrats' proposal and republican house speaker john boehner's plan is the length. the democratic version extends the debt ceiling through the next election. the gop bill would last until
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only later this year. tomorrow the president will make a major announcement over fuel standards. we're live with more on that. >> president barack obama will announce the new fuel standards for cars and light trucks made from 2017 to 2025. the observe ebb administration -- the obama administration has been in negotiations with automakers on boosting fuel economy. this new round of of stand are as expected to save consumers money, reduce oil consumption, cut pollution, and create jobs. >> thank you. two years ago automakers agreed to raise fuel economy standards to 35 1/2 miles per gallon by 2016. federal agents busted what they say is a massage parlor disguised as brothel in baltimore county. they believe it's part of a
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wider prostitution network. mike hellgren takes us inside the investigation. >> reporter: good afternoon. it's fascinating how federal agents were able to crack this case. they used wiretaps, hidden gps tracking devices. while much of the attention is focused on one house in baltimore county, this ring stretched far beyond that. this is surveillance video reportedly from inside one of the massage parlors, fronts for what federal prosecutors call a multistate prostitution network. they say one of the brothels was right here on bel air road, number 7510. the women would come in the back and provide sex to men throughout the night. those who lived nearby knew something was suspicious but never suspected this. >> we thought it was a massage parlor but it was always open at night. that's weird. >> authorities arrested five men in connection with the ring they say stretched from maryland to pennsylvania, new
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york, new jersey, and right here in the heart of overlea. they say the women would get to keep their tips, the rest of the money would go to the pinches behind the operation. many of the women were flown in from asia. >> basically they -- >> the f.b.i. investigation took months to complete. prosecutors say the operation made more than $1 million a year. court records reveal the women were kept inside the home much of the time, so as not to draw attention to the business. back to you. >> thank you. the women worked several weeks at one location before being shuffled off to the next one. gentleman a maryland national guardsman is sentenced to life in prison for the murder of an afghan civilian. something derek miller shot the man after questioning him when he didn't have any answers. baltimore city police are asking for your help to find a
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missing woman. 69-year-old vie olda gregory was last seen tuesday afternoon at her home. she has early stages of dementia. she is about 5'3", 100 pounds, wearing a tan t-shirt with khakis. the vatican's aunt vai to the u.s. has died in baltimore. the archbishop died from complications after a recent lung surgery at johns hopkins hospital. the sun is out. so is the humidity. taking a live look outside this noon, even warmer temperatures are headed our way. tim williams has the updated forecast. >> if you ask, you shall
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receive. it is going get hot today and tomorrow especially. tomorrow we'll be back up to near the types of conditions we had last week with near triple digit temperatures. right now we're at 87 degrees. our average high is 87. we're 83 in ocean city. the dew point is moderate at 67. that will star going up as well as the temperatures. we do also have a code orange air quality alert for central maryland to southern maryland, the eastern shore and from washington county toward hagerstown and beyond. the hot and humid air is coming our way. it will be here starting tomorrow. back to you. >> thank you. it's back to business today for the baltimore ravens. the team is reporting to trining camp for the first practice since the end of the labor dispute.
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the preseason games start in two weeks. you can see all the ravens in an open practice to the public at m and t bank stadium on august 6. gates open at 9:00. practice starts at 10:00 a.m. major donation, the maryland institute college of arts sees its largest gift ever. a longtime trustee has donated $10 million to the college. this gift will allow college to supply more scholarship money albe used to develop broader relationships with visiting
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artists and community organizations. still ahead, who is leb electric? the -- who is alex trebek? he chases down a burglar. why ads featuring julia roberts won't make print. tim williams has the forecast after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the trial of polygamist church leader warren jeffs has begun. he is accused of sexually assaulting two underage girls. he is the head of a clump with radical mormonism views. "jeopardy" host alex trebek will undergo surgery tomorrow after hurting his leg chasing a burglar. someone broke into his sphsm hotel room stealing cash, a bracelet, and other items. alex trebek ran after the burglar and came close to catching her. >> until my achilles tendon
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ruptured and i fell in an ignominious heap. >> the burglar was caught and arrested. alex trebek got back most of the stolen items. it's an ever growing problem women trying to keep up with models on the cover of magazines. now britain is taking a stand. advertising watchdogs in the u.k. have pulled two l'oreal magazine ads, one with julia roberts, another with christy turlington, because of extensive airbrushing. it says the images were not representative of the results the products could achieve. preparations are underway in texas as tropical storm don churns in the gulf of mexico. don is expected to make landfall in southern texas late friday. beaches are already seeing some strong surf. tropical storm don is packing winds up to 45 miles per hour but is not expected to reach
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hurricane status. hundreds of ponies hit the auction block this morning. this after the 85th annual cheek teak pony swim. tens of thousands of onlookers came out for the event. the money from the auction will benefit the volunteer fire company. still ahead, it's getting steamy outside. tim williams will have the forecast. first here's a look at the stocks today. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it just looks hot. >> it does. consider what it was this time last week. last week we were already close to 100 degrees at noon. it's always hotter somewhere else. >> this is refreshing. >> yes. right now at 87 degrees, we're already at our average high for this date. we're at 67 as the dew point. the humidity is in the moderate range. this is really the typical july type forecast that you might expect. last week was not quite as
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usual. 51% humidity. south-southeasterly wind at 7 will bring mr. warmer air. we'll continue going up until about 4:00 or so. 73 in oakland, 86 on the shore, 91 in washington, d.c. that's the hot spot. uniformly we'll see more of a south flow, even a southwesterly wind moving on in here. that will start bringing in very warm air, much like we had last week, near triple digit highs, and more humidity and higher dew points. we have a front to the north. that is breaking up and not really making its way to the ground. most of these showers and storms are not making their way over the mountains.
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we cannot rule out an afternoon thundershower tomorrow into saturday and sunday. even to our north, north of the state line, we could see one this afternoon. this is don. don is expected to dump two to four inches of rain along the coast of texas. that will bring some much- needed rain to drought stricken areas there. that should make landfall saturday into sunday. we'll be in the hot and humid conditions. cooler air comes from a front that will move through here at the end of the weekend. low 90s then. sunset today is 8:22. no advisories on the bay. 92 for the high today, partly sunny, hot and humid. tonight 72 degrees are partly cloudy and humid. this weekend the orioles ten their road trip against the
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yankees. we'll bring you the saturday and sunday afternoon games at 1:00 right here on wjz. still ahead, flying cars take over tront oa. what movie featuring the terminator will be coming to new a remake very soon. wjz is always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for instant updates on news and the forecast, log on to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's world hepatitis day. a new report published shows for the first time how many injecting drug users have the disease. it says worldwide about ten million people have hepatitis c. 1.3 million have hepatitis b. a possible solution to getting your kids to eat their veggies. researchers at penn state found that kids got more veggies in their diet when pairs purr ad them and snuck them into meals on the sly. children ate twice as many vegetables each day and took in 11% fewer calories. check in with us today at
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4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. the desperate search for an 11- year-old girl in a small new england town. if you bought plane ticket before last weekend but are traveling now, you may get some of your money back. we'll explain. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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not as many people playing in the fountain because it's not as hot. it's only 90 degrees. temperatures today around 92, humidity and heat both go up tomorrow. scattered chance of showers or chance were scatters showers for friday through sunday. >> don't miss tonight's cbs primetime lineup. downtown toronto rolls into the future. flying cars replaceed traffic on the roads as part of the new total recall movie. it's set to hit theaters next year. thank you for watching. be cool out there.
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>> definitely keep posted on eyewitness news later today and on ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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